About Me


A Little About Me……

Name:  Debbie Turner


 A suburb outside of Atlanta, Ga.

Teaching Experience:

 I began my educational career teaching in a prison. The class was made up of about 32 men who were working on getting their GED. Watching them participate in graduation when they passed the test was a very rewarding experience. What saddened and frustrated me was the fact that many of my students were illiterate….yet they had somehow progressed through school up until the point that they dropped out. These non readers were promoted each year even though they could not read. It seems that our educational system had failed them. They were unable to secure jobs because of their inability to read and therefore chose stealing, or drugs to provide food, shelter and other basics needs for themselves and their families.

After teaching in the prison, it became my mission to see that this did not happen to other children. I recieved my reading endorsement and became a reading specialist in an elementary school. I do love to read, and I love to teach reading. I currently teach second grade in a suburb outside of Atlanta, Ga. We have a great school with a lot of parent support.

Hobbies and Interests:

I love to be outside. I like hiking, biking, swimming, and most outdoor activities. I like to read books about the south. I like the element of humor found in most of these types of books.

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