Edtech 597: Video Post

There are so many cool Web 2.0 tools that can be used in the classroom. The video above is a tutorial that I created for using Xtranormal. Xtranormal can make your stories come to life. You can chose characters, backgrounds, movements, and themes. When you are creating Xtranormal videos, you are initially given points to use. After you use all of your points, you have to pay to create videos. Look at the points you are spending as you create. Go for the cheaper elements. This will allow you to conserve your points. I have made several videos and still have points remaining. This application can be used for so many things. You can make creative videos to use for instruction. You can let students use the program for class projects. If you search on Youtube, you will see a variety of Xtranormal videos. Some of them are quite entertaining.

If you currently use Xtranormal in your classroom, I would love to hear how you are using it! If you haven’t used Xtranormal, check it out. I hope that this tutorial will assist you in creating your own videos.


2 thoughts on “Edtech 597: Video Post

  1. I have used xtranormal to do “compare and contrast” of character traits and also vocabulary. My students especially like getting the characters to say, “dude” in the computer speak of xtranormal. They crack themselves up!

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