Edtech 597: Response to article by Rory Ewins


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Ewins, R. (2005). Who are you? Weblogs and academic identity. E-Learning, 2(4), 368-377

In the article by Rory Ewins, the topic of identity is discussed. When we are writing blogs, we take on a certain identity. When we first begin blogging, our posts usually take on the form of being like a diary. The article describes how our identity changes over time. We come to realize that no one really cares what we had for breakfast, or what we did during the day. The goal of writing a blog is to have people respond, or comment. If you are writing your blog that describes your daily itinerary, people eventually lose interest. Therefore, we begin to change our identity, or what we write about, to meet the needs of our readers. One example that the author pointed out was the day of 9/11. Bloggers everywhere stopped what they were doing to blog about 9/11. The readers wanted to discuss the events.  Another thing that the author pointed out was that blogging captures moments in time. What we are writing about changes over time. How interesting would it be to be able to go back and read our posts years from now.

When it comes to blogging, we all have our own identity and writing style. Our identity is what attracts our readers. As time goes by our identity may change. Our views may change…but those moments of time will be captured in our writings forever.


One thought on “Edtech 597: Response to article by Rory Ewins

  1. I didn’t think about using blogging to capture a moment in time like 9/11. A written record about what was going through your head when an event happened what ever that may be. We have our own writing style and even through our point of views may change our style generally doesn’t. Great post!

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