EdTech597:List Entries for Learning

I am often looking for new innovative tools to incorporate technology into my classroom. Well, it seems that other educators are looking for the same tools. The Center for Learning and Technology is focused on the use of new technologies for learning. Each year, the group asks educators to vote on the top 100 learning tools of the year. They compile a list based on what educators are using, and then open up on line voting. Some of the tools which have been submitted are as follows:

* WordPress – Dreams easily come true  
* YouTube – Spreading online or embedding in a site  
* Prezi – Fun, easy and extremely versatile  
* Evernote – A friend with an elefant memory  
* Snagit – Always at hand to make instant learning assets  
* Camtasia – Snagit’s older brother  
* iPad and Apps – A digital swiss army knive  
* TeamViewer – A virtual classroom in your pocket  
* JoomlaLMS – A LMS with the power of Joomla  
* Articulate StoryLine – New and simply fantastic

These were the most common tools used by educators this year. What is a technology tool? According to C4LPT,  a tool is something  you use for teaching, training or creating learning content/solutions for others, and/or a tool you use for your own personal or professional learning. The C4LPT also provides information on the following types of tools:

*A wide range of informational and educational sites for general reference, how-to guides, wikis, how-to videos,     podcasts, courses, lessons, tutorials (including open courseware), e-books as well as other reference resources and places to ask questions both online and on your mobile.

* Tools for creating, delivering, managing and/or tracking learning and/or providing a formal social learning environment.

* Tools for social and collaborative platforms. These platforms include public social networks, tools to create private collaborative spaces for groups or communities.

* Twitter application tools. These tools include a range of useful Twitter applications.

* Tools for delivering live meetings, screen sharing and virtual worlds

* Tools to create, host and share documents, PDFs, e-Books, presentations and spreadsheets.

* Tools to create blogs, web pages/sites and wikis as well as provide interactivity on those sites.

* Tools to create, edit and/or host images, avatars, audio files, podcasts, screencasts and videos.

Some of these tools I currently use, some I have never heard of. How about you? What would your list of favorite learning tools look like?

To learn more, follow the link below to the C4LPT web site:




3 thoughts on “EdTech597:List Entries for Learning

  1. Hi Debbie,

    What a great post! I am so thankful for web 2.0 applications, and I have learned of a few new tools from your list (like SnagIt, TeamViewer, and Articulate StoryLine). Evernote is by far one of my favorite tools- I use it for everything from writing down my grocery list to taking notes about student behavior.

    I can’t say that I’m a big fan of Prezi, though. I find it annoying to work with resizing the font, and I often get frustrated changing the timeline. Am I the only one?

    • Prezi is actually one of my favorites. It always for a more stimulating slide show presentation. I used it quite a bit last semester in one of my EDTECH courses. I find it really easy to use. I suppose it depends on the person! 🙂

  2. Debbie, I’d have to say my most used tools would be GMail, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Plurk, and Google+ (probably in that order actually).

    Beyond the online tools, I’d say I regularly use MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Skype, Keynote, and Fireworks most often.

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