EdTech 597: Links Entries for Educators

I have been posting about technology tools for educators. There are many new tools available! I learn about something new everyday. As I was looking around on the internet for some new, popular tools that educators are using, I came across the tools below. Check them out and see what you think! Oh yeah, did I mention that they are all free? Yep….all of them available at no cost to you!

* https://www.zoho.com/creator/ – Lets you build custom apps.

* http://search.creativecommons.org/ – Searches multiple sites for free images.

* http://www.google.com/educators/p_apps.html– Google Education Edition

* https://www.dropbox.com/– Dropbox lets you access any files from anywhere

* http://wallwisher.com/-Allows multiple users to simultaneously post to a “wall” using little notes.

* http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html -Allows active screen capture with or without audio.

* http://www.docspal.com/– Allows you to convert up to five files at a time from one file format to another.

* http://tagul.com/ – Creating a word cloud from a document or Web site.

* http://www.netvibes.com/en – Monitor all your apps, feeds, sentiments, Tweets and even enterprise systems—all in real-time.

* http://photopeach.com/ –  Create a slideshow on the fly and share it with others via email, IM, or Facebook or simply embed it into your blog.

The list above represents technology tools that educators can use. You might be looking for tools for your students to use. Here are a few that students might find useful. Some of these are free, and some of them are pay sites. Check them out!

* http://openstudy.com/ -Get live help, social studying, help other students.

* http://www.brightstorm.com/ – Free homework help and affordable test prep.

* https://www.desmos.com/ – A beautiful and free online graphing calculator.

* http://www.carrotsticks.com/ – The fun way to give your kids an edge in math.

* http://motionmathgames.com/ – Creates fun mobile learning games that let kids play with numbers.

* http://www.brainnook.com/ –  An online game that helps kids develop math and English skills.

* http://www.mindsnacks.com/ –  Learn languages on your iPhone. 6 games in 1.

* http://www.stickeryapp.com/ – Mobile learning for kids customized for mobile parenting.

* http://www.educationarcade.org/ –  Explores games that promote learning.


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