Greetings Everyone!

My name is Debbie Turner. I have been teaching for 19 years. I currently teach second grade at an elementary school outside of Atlanta, Ga. Since beginning my career in education, I have witnessed many technological advances in education. We have grown from writing on chalkboards to writing on Promethean boards. Our students are “digital natives”. They are very comfortable with technology, as it has been a part of their lives since birth. They are exposed to it everywhere. I feel that technology plays a crucial role in education. We have to prepare our students for the future, and the future does include technology use.

I know that we will be learning a lot about blogging and technology use in the classroom during the summer semester. I look forward to your comments and learning from your posts and replies.


9 thoughts on “Greetings Everyone!

  1. Debbie–
    Great to meet you!! So excited to get to work alongside of each other this semester…I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about your Promethean board too! I have an interactive board, but I don’t love it, and could be looking to change to something different. Talk soon- Danica Marble

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I read your comments on your about page and noticed that you love to read and teach reading. There is an issue in education related to reading that has caught my attention recently, mostly because I was not a fan of reading as a kid. The issue is whether or not schools should allow kids to pick what they want to read. I only books I remember finding enjoyable as a kid were those that I choose. In fact, they’re the only books I remember reading. Here are just two links that talk about the issue. As a reading teacher of young kids, what are your thoughts?

    – Russ

  3. Hi Debbie – I would love to hear more about your experiences teaching GED courses at the prison. I am a criminal justice instructor and prisons are one of my main interests. I look forward to interacting with you this semester.

  4. Hi Debbie,
    I like the layout and design of your blog. Thanks for the links in your Blogroll. I was in Atlanta for a conference on Gifted Education in November 2011. I loved the city. I took in a Falcons game…what an amazing atmosphere. Looking forward to reading more.


  5. Hi, Debbie! I, too, am a reading teaching, but I work with junior high students. This upcoming year I will be implementing a reader’s workshop. My blog for 597 will be about how to develop the workshop, so check it out if you’re interested. I look forward to being in class with you!

  6. Hi Debbie, I’ve been teaching 21 years, so like you I started out with a chalkboard. Still remember going home with chalk dust on my pants every day. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

    -Dan Hardebeck

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